Halftime Booze: The TurDucKen DRINK is Here!

Lex Lybrand 11.21.2012 0

I meant to make this last year, but I ran into a couple of hard truths when I went shopping for the ingredients… 1) Texas doesn’t sell hard liquor on a Sunday (when I generally go grocery shopping) and frozen Donald Duck-brand orange juice isn’t a thing anymore. I was totally bummed by both of these things. Equally, if you must know.

Flash forward to about 2 months ago when I found a crate of bottled Donald Duck orange juice at a local Dollar Tree. This, apparently, is a thing now. :)

So, this year, I come prepared. To celebrate the traditional American act of getting drunk and watching football on Thanksgiving, I give you The Turducken. Or, TurDucKen if you’re into spelling things weird like “nWo” or “MySpace” or whatever.

The dish, invented (I assume) by John Madden, is the logical conclusion of all things American. You stuff a chicken inside a duck and stuff that inside a turkey and then you cook it. Delicious? I’ll never know, what with my debilitating vegetarian disease and all.

My drink version, however, is pretty badass. It’s actually really good!

I mixed equal parts Wild Turkey, eggnog (the ‘chicken’), and my newly discovered Donald Duck OJ… and I love it. I’ve already finished my giant wine glassfull… and I’m about to start on Kelli’s (she didn’t take to it quite as much).

Enjoy, heathens!!