Flying =W= Cupcakes, celebrating 20 years of Weezer!

Lex Lybrand 02.13.2012 1

It’s February 14, 1992. Rings are being worn, hearts are being broken, and in a magical garage in Los Angeles, Weezer is born.

Believe it or not, it’s been TWENTY years since the formation of the face of modern nerd-emo-post-grunge-geek-rock. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Weezer has stood the test of time, and I’m extremely happy to help celebrate their first twenty years with some fittingly metaphor-laced cupcakes!

Covering the three self-titled albums, each assigned a primary (optical) color, these treats are a great way to make your sweetheart (or your sweet tooth) happy, which will most definitely be necessary as you wipe away the tears when the final notes of “Pig” fade away.


Starting with vanilla cake mix, we added a healthy amount of blue food coloring until it looked jussssst right. You don’t really need to add additional sugar to cake mix… but a teaspoon or two helps push this one over the edge.

Splash some of that blue food coloring into some vanilla and/or buttercream frosting and whip it up ’til it’s nice and bright, too.


Use the same ingredients as Blue, but try some artificial sweetener instead of real sugar. The coloring is a bit harder on this one. You’ll need generous amounts of green, plus enough yellow to get it the right shade of lime.


Start with the same general recipe as the other two, but then close your eyes and grab everything else in your cupboards and throw it on the counter. Then, at random, pick at least 3 or 4 ingredients from your stash. We mixed in chocolate chips, marshmallows and coconut. If you’re feeling adventurous, and you really want another level of meta, then mix in some espresso beans and bacon bits (pork ‘n beans… get it??). This one has the potential to be really good or really bad, depending on your tastes. ;)

Happy birthday, Weezer!

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